• Do you need to review your will? If so, we do it for free.
  • Have you written your will yet?  We offer fixed price fees from £255 depending on your requirements.
  • Do you need a Deed of Trust written and associated tax advice? We offer fixed price fees from £325 depending on your requirements.
  • We will visit you at home at no extra charge.

Why make a will?

A will ensures that your assets are left to those to whom you want it to go on your death.

If you do not make a will, then the State decrees the relatives to whom your assets pass. If you have no relatives, then they pass to the State.

A will can also provide Inheritance Tax savings and shelter your home or a share of it from Local Authority Assessment for care and other charges.

A will can appoint guardians if you have children under 18.

A will appoints executors - those people whom you trust and want to deal with your assets on your death.

A will can incorporate trusts e.g. to protect spendthrift relatives.


Francis can help you write a Lasting (and other) Power of Attorney.

Do you need to safeguard the interests of someone?

By drawing up Powers of Attorney you can avoid confusion and expense at a later date.

Although we may be living longer, often our minds do not last so well. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) enables you to appoint someone you trust to deal with your affairs for you. They are complicated to complete - and you can do them yourself online www.justice.gov.uk/about/opg . We can advise you on the issues and draw the LPA for you.


You may want another form of Attorney to deal with specific issues e.g. completing a property transaction during a prolonged absence from the UK or you are a co-owner (known as a 'trustee') of land with another person. We can draw the relevant type of Power of Attorney for you.

We offer fixed price fees of £195 per LPA, and from £235 for other types.